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Audi approaches hiring goal for ‘Veterans to Technicians’

Posted on April 25, 2014 3:48 PM

Audi approaches hiring goal for ‘Veterans to Technicians’

Audi and its dealers are leading the auto industry in recruiting military veterans as service technicians and advisors, with a goal of hiring a total of 100 veterans for such roles by Memorial Day. The Veterans to Technicians program launched on Memorial Day last year.

The program is closing in on that mark with the hiring of 91 veterans as of the end of this week, reported Bernard Hyland, program manager for Audi of America through CALIBRE Systems, which assists veterans.

At the same time, Veterans to Technicians is broadening, as Audi dealers have begun to hire veterans as service consultants and parts-department specialists as well as repair technicians.

“We have expanded the program over time to be more inclusive,” Hyland said. In fact, Veterans to Technicians has led to the hiring by Audi dealers of the program’s first two female veterans as well.

Veterans typically display technical mastery as well as discipline, attention to detail, a solid work ethic and the dependability they acquired in military jobs where soldiers’ lives and mission success often relied on their proficiency.

Also appealing to dealers, Hyland said, is the fact that veterans demonstrate commitment. The turnover rate for participants in the Veterans to Technicians program so far is only about 10 percent, contrasted with a national average of 25-percent turnover of service technicians at industry dealerships.