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Audi responds to fans by bringing back A3 Sportback

Posted on April 24, 2014 5:07 PM

 Audi responds to fans by bringing back A3 Sportback

The voice of the Audi fan was heard loud and clear in the company’s decision to return the Audi A3 Sportback to the U.S. market next year in a TDI clean-diesel version and as a plug-in hybrid.

Audi of America discontinued the five-door version of the A3 last year in favor of re-launching the A3 nameplate this month in a widely anticipated sedan version. But American fans of the A3 Sportback refused to let it go quietly, beating their drums on social media and elsewhere and agitating for the car’s return.

The company heard them, it announced at the New York International Auto Show this month. “Sometimes in our decision-making process, we think the passion lever is just as important as the [sales-volume] lever,” Scott Keogh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Audi of America, told Automotive News. “And this is a good example of that.”

Audi A3 reigns over New York show as World Car of the Year

Posted on April 18, 2014 11:46 AM

Scott Keogh with the World Car Award

The new Audi A3 sedan reigned over the opening of the New York International Auto Show today as it was named World Car of the Year.

Just a few weeks after it was officially launched in the U.S. market, the A3 was tabbed for the honor over 11 other finalists in a vote by an international jury panel comprised of 69 automotive journalists from 22 countries. Among the other finalists were competitors such as the BMW 4 Series and Lexus IS.

“This really represents what Audi does extremely well,” Scott Keogh, President of Audi of America, told journalists assembled at the show this week. “We couldn’t be prouder to win this award.”

Audi surges to No. 2 luxury brand in J.D. Power CSI study

Posted on April 14, 2014 3:09 PM

Audi surged to second place in the luxury segment of the annual J.D. Power Customer Service Index

Audi surged to second place in the luxury segment of the annual J.D. Power Customer Service Index, posting a huge gain over a year earlier and extending its dramatic three-year drive to the top of the influential indicator of how customers view their vehicle-service experience within the first three years of ownership. No other brand has matched this ascent.

Audi improved by 22 points over last year to score 858 in the 2014 version of the Power CSI study, which stands well above the luxury average. Since 2011, Audi has improved by 74 points and eight positions in the segment rankings, moving it past old rivals and even the traditional, long-time leaders in the Power survey. Cadillac edged out Audi for the top spot in the luxury segment.

According to J.D. Power, Audi improved across all areas of the study, but the increase in results for the brad mainly was driven by maintenance customers, who comprised 78 percent of the total respondents. Audi ranked No. 1 overall in the luxury segment in service quality and tied for the highest score in the service-advisor area.

Automobile magazine keeps loving the Audi A7 family

Posted on April 11, 2014 4:01 PM

Automobile magazine recognized the Audi A7 model line

For the third year in a row, Automobile magazine recognized the Audi A7 model line in its annual All-Stars Award.

Automobile included Audi A7, the TDI version of the car, Audi S7 and Audi RS7 for collective praise -- for the first time including the whole A7 model line in its All-Stars Award. In 2012, the magazine named the Audi A7 3.0T, which was brand-new to the U.S. market, as its overall Automobile of the Year. Last year, Automobile included the Audi S7 for its All-Star award as well.

Editors were clear why they have kept returning to honor the A7 lineup, calling the Audi A7 “the epitome of sophistication, style, substance, and comfort – equally wonderful to look at, to sit in, and to drive.”

Audi masters Snapchat in social media campaign for A3

Posted on April 4, 2014 11:15 AM


As it launches the new A3 sedan in the United States, Audi will harness social media marketing to connect with new audiences and amplify its campaign with existing Audi customers. In doing so, Audi marketers will be able to draw on a successful social media campaign that they already conducted around the A3 involving the Super Bowl, Snapchat and The Onion.

With the campaign during the Big Game on February 2, Audi proved its reach with the Millennials demographic. Now the brand is pivoting to more new and interesting ways to engage what it is calling “Generation Audi” to promote the A3 sedan.

“We want to keep that element of doing something a little bit different than what might be expected – pushing the edge, and the boundaries of social media, and leading the charge,” said Anna Russell, General Manager, Brand Marketing, for Audi of America.

Premium Audi models maintain their sales momentum

Posted on April 3, 2014 10:43 AM

Sales momentum

Audi of America is still hitting on all cylinders after reporting its 39th consecutive month of record monthly sales, in March. Volume of 14,246 vehicles also was 7.5 percent more than a year earlier. And Audi dealers haven’t yet begun to sell the all-new, just-launched Audi A3 sedan in significant quantities.

The biggest drivers of the March increase were sales of mid-size and large vehicles in the “premium” segments that are the brand’s most profitable. They continue to lead Audi upward in overall regard by American luxury-auto consumers. The Audi Q7 SUV and Audi A6 sedan, for example, led year-over-year percentage gains for Audi in the United States during the month, with 45.8 percent and 26.7 percent increases, respectively.

“Going into this year, we wanted to focus on what we needed to do to sustain our sales momentum in the ‘C’ and ‘D’ segments represented by those vehicles, and others including our A7 sedan,” said Matt Carpenter, General Manager, Vehicle Sales, for Audi of America. “It has continued, and the March results represented a nice culmination of the pattern in the first quarter.”

Vincentric is latest to affirm premium lead by Audi

Posted on March 27, 2014 11:18 AM

Simply the best

Regard for the Audi brand in the U.S. market is continuing to grow after a new evaluation by a highly regarded automotive research firm which concluded that Audi is the “best value luxury brand” in America.

Vincentric tabbed Audi for the honor this week and also named four Audi vehicles for its “Vincentric Best Value” awards for individual vehicles.

The plaudit is only the latest to come for Audi as the brand continues to position itself as the most “premium” marque in the American luxury-car segment. Overall, this has been accomplished with a stream of desirable new vehicles, improvements in manufacturing quality, segment-leading technology innovations and a vast overhaul of the Audi dealership network in the United States.